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Procedure documentationActivating and Deactivating a Restriction of Parallel HTTP Requests


To ensure correct processing of HTTP requests without causing bottlenecks in the processing of other requests because too many dialog work processes are blocked for the processing of HTTP requests, there are two configuration parameters that monitor the HTTP resources, and, if necessary, restrict the number of work processes available for processing HTTP requests. This is especially important with regard to receiving data from diagnostics agents.

For more information, see SAP Note 670165Information published on SAP site.


You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose Alerting Framework.

  3. Go to the Configuration tab.

  4. To switch to change mode, choose Display <-> Change.

  5. To change the parameters, in the Data Provider Connector Configuration area, choose the relevant parameters rdisp/http_check and rdisp/http_min_wait_dia_wp. Follow the instructions in SAP Note 670165Information published on SAP site.