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Procedure documentationCreating eCATT Test Configurations


  1. To create a test configuration, you can do the following:

    • In the Test Management work center:

      1. In the Common Tasks area, choose Easy Test Automation.

        You go to the SAP Solution Manager Test Automation Initial Screen.

      2. Select the Test Configuration field and enter a name. It must be an alphanumeric string of up to 30 characters (underscores are permitted and it is not case-sensitive).

    • In the Business Blueprint of a SAP Solution Manager project:

      1. Choose a business process.

      2. In the Test Configuration Type field, select eCATT Test Configuration.

      3. In the Test Case field, enter a name.

  2. Choose Create Object.

    You go the Create Test Configuration dialog box.

  3. Enter the required data:

    • Title: Choose a title according to the naming conventions of your organization.

    • Application Component: Select the application component which corresponds to the kind of business process you want to test.

    • Package: Select a transport package.

  4. Choose the Configuration tab page.

  5. Optional: In the System Data area, select the respective system data container and the target system, if a system data container is created already.

  6. Optional: In the Test Data area, add an existing Test Data Container.

  7. Optional: To maintain variants, choose the Variants tab page. For more information, see Creating Variants in Test Configurations.

  8. Save your entries.

    The test case is created, and both the test configuration and the test script objects are saved.

  9. To edit the test script, on the Configuration tab page, double-click the Test Script field.

    When editing test scripts, the interfaces of transactions or function modules are displayed, if a system data container is assigned to the test case.

    For more information, see Developing Test Scripts.


The automatic test case is created and can be used in test planning and testing.