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Component documentationSystem Recommendations


System recommendations is an SAP Solution Manager function in the Change Management work center. Using system recommendations, you can find SAP Notes that are relevant for a technical system, display information about these SAP Notes, and perform related actions.

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When you access SAP Note information with system recommendations, you perform maintenance activities such as the upgrade and implementation of support, enhancement, or legal change packages in the Maintenance Optimizer (see Maintenance Optimizer).

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Note Note

The HotNews function has been integrated into the system recommendations and is no longer available independently. If you used HotNews, you need to perform a migration to take over its filters.

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The system recommendations are integrated as follows:

  • System recommendations determine the valid SAP Notes for the selected technical system in the SAP Support Portal and the associated information is transferred to SAP Solution Manager.

  • The system recommendations are integrated into Change Request Management. You can, for example, create a request for change directly after selecting relevant SAP Notes.

  • In system recommendations, you can download ABAP SAP Notes and implement them with the Note Assistant.

  • For non-ABAP SAP Notes, you can confirm loadable Java patches in the Maintenance Optimizer.

  • If you use the Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA), the system can determine the test scope for selected ABAP SAP Notes.


The following system recommendations functions are available:

  • Display, download, and implement SAP Notes

  • Display results by application, application component, software component, or as a list. In the list display, you can filter and sort the results.

  • Assign a status to an entry and display SAP Note information with that status

  • Analyze the effects that implementing an SAP Note has on the system and business processes

  • Create a request for change or select a Java patch and create a maintenance transaction

  • Specify background service to automatically update SAP Note information