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Process documentationSetting Up Job Monitoring via Technical Monitoring


You configure the Job Monitoring application in Solution Manager Configuration under Start of the navigation path Technical Monitoring Next navigation step Job & BI Monitoring Next navigation step Job Monitoring End of the navigation path.


  • You are using SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 or higher for BW process chains

  • You have implemented any additional SAP Notes that are required, depending on the Support Package Level of SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • You have performed the steps under Managed System Configuration and System Monitoring Setup in SAP Solution Manager Configuration, for the systems in a Job Monitoring scenario.

  • You are using Data Services version 4.2 or higher


The steps in configuring job monitoring are as follows:

  1. Define scope for job monitoring

    For more information, see Defining Scope

  2. Configure ABAP jobs, Business Objects jobs, Data Services jobs and BW process chains.

    For more information, see Setting Up Monitoring Objects for Technical Scenarios

  3. Configure alerts to have the system inform you of errors during job monitoring.

    For more information, see Alert Configuration

  4. Configure incidents and notifications.

    For more information, see Creating Incidents and Notifications

  5. Perform various actions on the monitored objects to activate the jobs for monitoring.

    For more information, see Activating Jobs