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Procedure documentationDisplay Alert Calculation Engine Traces


You can generate traces and display the results, for the Alert Calculation Engine, if, for example, production metrics were collected, but no alerts were raised, or the expected status is not returned.

You usually use this function after consultation with SAP support.


  • In transaction SAAB, you have activated the groups CG_E2EALERTING_ACE and ALRT_CFG_AUTOCONFIGURATION for the user under which the job SAP_ALERT_CALCULATION_ENGINE runs. For more information, see Activatable Checkpoints.

  • You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose Alerting Framework.

  3. In the Status tab, choose Alert Calculation Engine.

  4. Click on a trace.

    The trace results are shown in the Trace Messages area.

  5. Resolve the cause of the error.

  6. To avoid unnecessary system load, deactivate the checkpoints in transaction SAAB.