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Procedure documentationRecording Working Time


  1. Choose the message for which you want to record the working time.

  2. In the Time Recording assignment block, choose Edit List.

  3. Choose Add.

    The system adds a row in which you can enter the following data to the list.

    • Activity Type: There are no default effort recording activity types. You can specify your own activity types.

    • Description: You can enter a short description.

    • Time Spent: You can enter the time spent processing the message.

    • Time Unit: Enter the time in minutes.

    • Processor Information: You can use the link to display detailed information about the user who made the time entry.

    The system automatically enters the current user and the time at which the last time entry was made.

  4. To enter further activities, add a new row.

  5. Save your entries.

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