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Procedure documentationReuse Template Test Plan


In this procedure, you reuse a template test plan in one or more implementation projects. You can restrict which objects to copy, e.g. only the test packages. You can adjust the test package titles before copying, e.g. with a prefix and a suffix.


  • You know the procedure to create a test plan for a project (see Create Test Plan for a Project).

  • You have created the template test plan that you want to use, with test packages and (or) test sequences and (or) tester assignments.

  • The implementation project must use templates from the template project on which the template test plan is based.

  • You have opened the test plan management.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Test Plan Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.

    You go to a dialog box to create basic attributes.

  2. Enter the following data:

    • Choose a Solution Manager project of type Implementation from the value help, which uses templates from the template project.

    • Formulate a title.

  3. Choose Continue.

    You go to a dialog box to enter template attributes.

  4. Choose a template test plan under Create from Template Test Plan.

    1. You can display data of the selected template test plan, for example to check your selection, with Display Template Test Plan.

  5. Set the checkboxes for the data which the system is to copy from the template test plan:

    • Test packages

    • Test sequences

    • Tester assignments

  6. You can enter a prefix and/or a suffix. These charachter strings before and after the original test package title, can, for example distinguish subsets of test packages with the same name.

    1. You can specify whether the prefix and/or suffix is to overwrite the original test package title for the length of the character string.

  7. Choose Continue.

    You go to a dialog box in which you can enter additional attributes, e.g. that only released test documents are to be copied into the implementation project.

  8. Choose Continue.

    You go to the Test Plan Structure display.

  9. If the content or the structure of the implementation project differ from the generated structure of the template test plan, postprocessing is required.

    Example Example

    You must postprocess:

    • if, for example, a process or process step was added in the Business Blueprint

    • if, for example, a new test case document was added in the configuration

    End of the example.
  10. Choose Generate Test Plan.

    The system generates the template test plan according to your settings, and goes back to the initial screen.