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Function documentationImplementation/Upgrade Work Center


This work center is the central access to all the information and functions you need to implement and upgrade SAP solutions. The views follow the project sequence, from the evaluation of your process requirements until your solution goes into production.


You are authorized for this work center. See the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace: Start of the navigation path published on non-SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager <current release> End of the navigation path.



There is a structured diagram of the status of your projects. You can choose between the following project views:

  • My Projects

    Shows the projects to which you are assigned.

  • All Projects

    Shows the projects for which you are authorized

The project status is derived as follows:

  • Current projects

  • Completed projects

    Projects in whose project administration actual data the project end is in the past

  • Overdue projects

    Projects in whose project administration plan data the project end is in the past, but the project end, or a project milestone, is not in the past in the actual data


There is a Project List, sorted by project type and status, depending on the active query. When you mark a project in the list, the system displays details of this project below the list.

  • Project header data

  • Existing locks in Business Blueprint:

    Note Note

    In SAP Solution Manager Project Administration, you can determine the scope of a project. You can, for example, lock changes to the project structure, to freeze a Business Blueprint or restrict the expansion of a project. For more information about project scope, see Specify Scope.

    End of the note.
  • Status of Change Request Management

    The system shows whether a maintenance or project cycle has been started to manage change requests.

  • Assigned roadmaps, if any

    To go to a roadmap, click on it.

  • Assigned resources (project team members)

You can perform the following actions on a selected project:

  • Display and enhance project administration data in the Business Blueprint and in the Configuration

  • Change project header data configuration in the Project Administration

  • Change project structure in Business Blueprint

  • Selection of business functions and consolidation in the project scope (see Definition of Business Function Scope)


You can specify your business processes with the available information and tools:

  • SAP Business Maps

    You can call industry-specific SAP Business Maps on the SAP website.

  • SAP standard scenarios

    You can call the Business Process Repository and access SAP Best Practices content, in the SAP Service Marketplace.

    For further information about the Business Process Repository, see Overview of Scenarios Delivered by SAP.

  • Customer Business Maps

    You can get SAP Solution Composer information, create your own Business Maps with the SAP Solution Composer or edit SAP Business Maps, on the SAP website.

  • Customer scenarios

    You call your projects in the Project Administration, or your solutions in the Solution Directory.

  • Business function prediction for SAP ERP

    You can call the business function prediction service for SAP ERP and request a business function prediction. The business function prediction gives you recommendations for business functions in SAP enhancement packages that contain functions that are relevant for you.


There are links to the following functions:


Create and edit projects:

Project Administration


Business Blueprint

Specify Business Blueprint:

Create and Edit Project/Solution Structure


There are links to the following functions:


Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets)

Customizing distribution and synchronization

Managing learning materials

Create role-specific learning maps:

Create Learning Map


The links go to the following functions for the entire test management and testing:

Test Cases

Assign test cases to structure elements:

Test Cases Tab

Test Plan Management

Create test plans and test packages:

Create Test Plan for a Project


Access test worklist:

Tester Worklist

Central Test Workbench

Make central Test Workbench settings:

Test Workbench

For more information, see Test Management.

Going Live Preparation

The following links go to tools and services for a successful production start:

  • Solution Directory

    You can transfer the project to a solution, after completion, to monitor and manage processes.

  • There are the following SAP Services to analyze the production systems:

Upgrade analyses

This view provides an overview of the analysis projects. You check, for interconnected product instances installed on separate technical systems, whether a planned upgrade affects existing functions. You can filter the analysis projects displayed, by criteria such as analysis phase and overall status.

You can start a new analysis project, or continue in an existing one, with the dependency check hyperlink.

For further information, see Dependency Analysis of Upgrades.


You can call and run reports for your project, or its phases and activities, in a structured list. For more information, see Reports.

More Information

For more information about general functions in the work center, see Using the Work Center.