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Procedure documentationWorking With Structure Objects in Change Transactions


In change transactions, you can assign structure objects from projects and solutions, change existing assignments, and check out structure objects.


To be able to check-in and check-out objects for solutions directly from the change transaction to the maintenance project, you have activated the Enable Check-Out-/Check-In of Solution Structure Elements checkbox on the Solution Settings tab page in the solution directory for the solution. On this tab page, you can also decide whether the system is to send e-mail notifications to the person responsible for the solution once structure objects are marked for check-out.


Assign structure objects
  1. To add structure objects to a change transaction, open the Projects or Solutions assignment block in change mode.

  2. To assign structure objects from a project, select the project in question and choose Start of the navigation path Add Next navigation step Structure Object End of the navigation path .

    To assign structure objects from a solution, select the solution in question.

  3. The system displays the possible structure objects in a selection window.

  4. Select the desired structure node.

    The system copies the entire structure tree down to the selected object.

    • With Show Other Transactions for Object, the system shows that the structure node is also used in other change transactions. You can click the icon to display the connected change transactions.

    • If you click on the icon for Checked Out with Transaction <Transaction>, the system shows that the structure node is checked out.

  5. To navigate to the project structure or solution directory for the inserted object, select the structure node.

Check objects out in the maintenance system, and check them back in

To check objects out from the change transaction directly to the maintenance system, proceed as follows:

Note Note

You can only check in and out objects for solutions.

You have defined in Customizing whether and in which status, checking objects in and out is allowed for a transaction type. In Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, choose Start of the navigation path Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Standard Configuration Next navigation step Change Request Management Framework Next navigation step Adjust UI Elements by User Status End of the navigation path.

End of the note.
  1. In the Solution assignment block, go to the edit mode.

  2. Select the structure object for the solution and choose Start of the navigation path Request Next navigation step Request Check-Out End of the navigation path.

    The system flags the structure element to be checked out, and you can decide if you want to continue with the check-out.

    The person responsible for the solution is notified per e-mail that you intend to check it out.

  3. If you continue with the check-out, another e-mail notification is sent to the solution owner.

    The system selects the structure element, which is now checked out.

  4. Choose Check Out.

    The system checks the object out to the maintenance project.

  5. When you have made the necessary changes, check the object in again by clicking the solution structure element and then choosing Check In .