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Procedure documentationDisplaying Agreed Service Times


To decide whether a service outage for a managed object is SLA-relevant, you can display the agreed service times used by SAM.

You can display the following status information:

  • Inactive: The Valid From date is not yet reached. The SLA has not yet begun.

  • Active: The SLA is valid.

  • Completed: The agreed service time has reached the Valid To date. The SLA has expired.

For more information, see Scheduling Agreed Service Times.


  • You have access to SAP Solution Manger.

  • You have authorization to change or display agreed service times.


  1. In the Technical Administration work center, choose the Service Availability Management scenario.

  2. In the Maintain Service Times view, choose Start of the navigation path Go to Next navigation step Available Agreed Services. End of the navigation path