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Procedure documentationAssigning Roles


You can use this function to establish an organized, role-based administration concept. You define specific roles and assign responsible persons to these roles. You can then group tasks by assigning roles, thereby increasing the flexibility of your administration concept.


  1. In the navigation area, choose Start of the navigation path General Session Customizing Next navigation step Roles Assignment End of the navigation path.

  2. To define a role, enter a name for the role in the Role column, and assign a user in the User column.

    If you have already assigned roles to tasks, the input help in the Roles column displays these roles.

    Note Note

    The user has to be an existing SAP user within the SAP Solution Manager system.

    End of the note.
  3. Save your entries.

  4. To add other users to the defined role, use the input help in the Role column to choose the role and enter the user.


You can restrict the display of the dynamic task structure to dedicated roles. For more information, see Choosing Administration and Monitoring Work Area.