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Object documentationInteractive Reports for Scenarios - Overview


The reports on the Overview tab page provide an overview of multiple scenarios (see also Interactive Reports for Scenarios). For each report, one value is displayed for each scenario; that is, you do not see the development over time of the metrics displayed in these reports, but rather an average value for the selected time period. The metrics are displayed both graphically and in a table.

The reports therefore provide you with a comparison of the most important metrics for the scenarios that are relevant ffor you, so that you can quickly identify outliers for particular metrics. You can then use the respective reports for the individual scenarios to perform a more detailed investigation.

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For information about how you can specify the desired systems and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call Interactive Reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

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The following reports are displayed:

  • Scenario Availability (Start of the navigation path Availability Next navigation step Availability Overview End of the navigation path)

    The report outputs the availability of the chosen EEM scenario. The percentage value of availability is not calculated based on the time periods during which a scenario is available or not, but rather from the percentage of script runs with the corresponding result.

    Non-availability due to planned downtimes is also taken into account in the report (see also Managing Work Modes, whereby a planned downtime is effective at scenario level only when it involves at least one of the technical systems that is assigned to the scenario. Availability can take the following values in particular:

    • Script run successfully completed (available)

    • Script runs not executed during a planned downtime

    • Failed script run

    • In case the total number of script runs executed is less than the planned number of script runs, the difference is output under No valuation

  • Scenario Performance (Start of the navigation path Performance Next navigation step Performance Overview End of the navigation path)

    The report outputs the performance of the chosen EEM scenarios. The proportion of executed steps in the EEM of the chosen scenario is output. Depending on the response time, this number can have the status green, yellow or red. The higher the percentage of steps in the green status, the better the performance of the scenario.


Interactive Reporting is part of the Technical Monitoring work center in the Solution Manager.