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Function documentationSDCCN Management in the SAP Solution Manager


You can perform certain administration and monitoring tasks in the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN) of the connected system, from the SAP Solution Manager, with the administration tool SDCCN.


The Service Data Control Center is installed in your SAP Solution Manager system.


The following table contains the information shown by the administration tool SDCCN:





External master

No master defined

The system has not specified a master system.

to specify the current system as master system, or cancel this assignment, choose Change Master System.


You have specified another system than the current SAP Solution Manager system as master system.


The system, or you, have specified the current SAP Solution Manager system as master system


Choose Execute

SDCCN is active. You can call it.

Choose this symbol, to call SDCCN in the connected system.

Choose Activate

SDCCN is not active.

Choose this symbol, to activate SDCCN in the connected system.


Error. The SDCCN Status column contains information about the error.

Choose the symbol in the SDCCN Status column, for further information about the error.

SDCCN Status

Choose OK

SDCCN runs correctly.

Choose Problem

SDCCN does not run correctly.

Choose the symbol, then Help (F1), for an error description.

Choose Error

SDCCN is not running.

The following table explains the functions of the administration tool SDCCN:


System activity

Add System

Checks whether the a master system is specified in the system added, and checks the status of the connected system

Check system

Updates the SDCCN status display in the selected system

You can select several systems by keeping the CTRL ky pressed, or choosing All.

Activate SDCCN

Activates SDCCN in the selected system

Change master system

Specifies current SAP Solution Manager system as master system, or cancels this assignment

You should specify a master system in each connected system, to ensure the consistency of the service definitions. If no master system is specified, the service definitions are loaded directly from the SAP Support Portal.

Copy Settings

Copies the following settings of the SDCCN in one system into another:

  • All task-specific settings

  • Path to export session data to hard disk

  • Retention period of entries in the task log

Action log

Lists all management activities for a selected system


To call the administration tool SDCCN in your SAP Solution Manager system:

  1. Call transaction SMSY.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Solution Manager Operations Next navigation step Administration SDCCN End of the navigation path.