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Function documentationProject Management Using Quality Gate Management


You can manage the Q-Gate data of your projects in the SAP Solution Manager Change Management work center.

For more information about working with the SAP Solution Manager project administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN), see Project Administration.


Quality gate management is part of SAP Solution Manager.


SAP delivers the following Q-Gates, which separate the four phases. The Q-Gates relate to the project phases as follows:



Start of Project

Start of Scope phase

Scope to Build

End of Scope phase, start of Build phase

Build to Test

End of Build phase, start of Test phase

Test to Deploy

End of Test phase, start of Deploy phase

End of Project

End of Deploy phase

In addition to the Q-Gates delivered by SAP, you can also specify your own Q-Gates. For more information, see Setting Up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases.

Note Note

If you are working with a maintenance project, you can create maintenance cycles for your project. In this case, instead of having the End of Project Q-Gate, you have a Q-Gate called Deploy to Scope. The End of Project Q-Gate is not applicable until there are no more maintenance cycles. For more information, see QGM Maintenance Cycles.

End of the note.

For more information about the meaning of the phases, see Phases in Quality Gate Management.


You manage the quality gate management data of a project in several work steps:

  • Specify Q-Gates, milestones, quality manager, and quality advisory board members

  • Check the transport landscape to be used

  • Assign Q-Gates to system roles

  • Confirm system data

These steps are described in detail under Setting Up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases.