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  Specify Filter Conditions


you specify filter conditions for a synchronization group or a customizing object if you only want to take individual table rows into account for the comparison or distribution of customizing. The fields in these table rows must satisfy these filter conditions.


You have selected a synchronization group for processing.


  1. Mark either the root node of the synchronization group or a customizing object, with the right-hand mouse key.

  2. Choose Filter Conditions in the context menu.

    The system displays a dialog box.

  3. If you have selected the entire group, enter the customizing object for which you want to define filter conditions, in the Customizing Object column in the dialog box.

  4. Enter the fields for which you want to define filter conditions, in the Field Name column.

  5. Choose an operator. Notes:

    1. Pattern : All characters in the field must match the template. The meta-characters '_' (one character) and '%' (any number of characters) are allowed.

    2. equals , not equal , less than , greater than , between, below lower limit, above upper limit , using the ASCII table character sequence. Only specify values of type char and int as constants.

  6. Specify one or two constants per operator, as required.

  7. Save your entries.