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 Specifying the Scope


You specify the scope of your project in the Scope tab:

Specify the templates in your project. This puts the structure of the templates and their assignments in your project.

Specify the solution packages in your project. (See also Copying Configuration Contents from Solution Packages .)

Select a Roadmap which your project team members will use. The system displays this Roadmap, by default, when the Roadmap transaction is called, later, for your project.

You can put industries and countries in the project scope.


You are in the Project Administration transaction in change mode for the project.


Choose a Roadmap in the Roadmap Selection tab.

Select the templates that you want to implement your project or create your template, in the Template Selection tab.

The system lists all templates to which at least one scenario and a template ID have been assigned, with the naming convention <template ID> - <template name>, e.g. ZBANK – Banking Europe.

Templates may have been created in the current Solution Manager system or another system, for example a company headquarters can create a template in a Global Rollout , and import it into the systems of its subsidiaries.

The logical components or the product version, which have been assigned to the template, can differ from the system landscape of your current project.

To adjust the logical components and the product versions from the template to your current system landscape:

Choose the template.

Save your entries.

Choose the logical component which you use in your current project, or create a new logical component, from the input help in the following dialog box.

You can change the product version.

Copy your changes with Continue .

Flag the solution packages for your project, in the Solution Package Selection tab. If you do not set the Take Industry Selection Into Account or Take Country Selection Into Account flags, all solution packages are displayed. If you do set the Take Industry Selection Into Account or Take Country Selection Into Account flags, the system takes the country and industry selections into account as follows: If you have selected industries or countries in the two tabs, the system only shows Solution Packages which satisfy these selection criteria. The system also takes the assignments of countries and industries in the template of a solution package, in the Templates tab, into account for the Solution Package display.

You can restrict the industries and countries for which your project is valid, on the Industry / Country Selection tab. Copy the relevant industries and countries from the Possible Industries/Countries table, by arrow key, into the Selected Industries/Countries table .

You can restrict the extent to which project members are able to work on the Business Blueprint on the Scope tab with the following functions:

Lock in Business Blueprint:

Structure processing:

You can no longer extend or restrict the scope of the project structure.

Edit structure, changes to documents in the Administration tab:

You can no longer extend or restrict the scope of the project structure.

You can no longer change Blueprint-relevant project documentation.

IF you wish to activate the global rollout function, set the indicator.

A global attribute that is assigned to a structure element is copied as well as standard. You can only ensure that the global attribute is included in the various tab pages by activating it for the project. The global attribute has the effect that subsidiary companies can only make restricted changes to structures and business content.

Save your entries.


If you have assigned a Roadmap to your project, you can put information about your project, for example the status of project steps or messages, in this Roadmap with Project Link .

You have selected the templates upon which the Business Blueprint is to be based. The structures of the templates and the assignments to the template structure are put in your project structure.

You have selected the solution packages, and restricted the project by industry and country.