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Procedure documentationCreating an ES/PSLE Report Ad Hoc


You want to create the ES/PSLE report once only and not as a background job.


  1. Choose Generate Report.

    You go to a guided procedure.

  2. Specify one or more solutions for which you want to create the report.

    The systems of the solution are displayed.

  3. Optional: Restrict the selection of systems to analyze, and choose Next.

    You can only select production systems.

  4. Optional: Select the section and chapter to appear in the ES/PSLE report, and choose Next.

    Note Note

    To save the selection, you can create a variant. For more information, see Creating Report Variants.

    End of the note.
  5. Select Ad Hoc.

  6. Specify the language of the ES/PSLE report.

  7. Choose Next.


The ES/PSLE report is generated.