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Procedure documentationIdentifying Missing Objects


You can create check steps for any objects. These objects do not necessarily have to occur in the logical components analyzed. To identify check steps for these objects that do not exist in the systems of a logical component, you can display the missing objects in a report. You check, for example, the following:

  • Is the check step not assigned to the correct logical component due to a typing error, for example?

  • Does the object really not exist in the analyzed systems?


  • You have ensured that the analysis was carried out with a functioning RFC connection. The analysis cannot identify missing objects if there is no RFC connection.

  • You have clicked on the name of an analysis in the Analyses view, to open the results overview.


  1. Choose the Report tab.

  2. Choose the link Display Missing Objects.

    The report displays a list of objects that were not found in the analyzed logical component during the analysis.