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Procedure documentationAdjust Test Scope and Optimization Sequence Using Weighting Options


You can use the weighting options to specify how significant a role the weighting of a changed object plays when optimizing the test scope.


  1. Show the Optimization Options display area.

  2. Choose the Weighting Options tab.

  3. Choose whether or not to take the weightings into account in the optimization.

    If you set the checkbox Do not use weightings during optimization, the system considers all objects equally.

    You can only make further settings on the Weighting Options tab page if you reset the checkbox.

  4. Choose a threshold value.

    Only nodes whose objects have a corresponding weighting are included in the test scope. If a node only has objects with a weighting below the threshold you selected, the system moves this node to the must exclude area.

  5. To change the effect of individual weightings on the optimization sequence, select Show Multipliers.

    The system uses these numbers when calculating the text effectiveness of the individual business process hierarchy nodes. The test effectiveness is initially calculated from the relationship between the number of objects and the time required. However, if you include the weightings, the system multiplies the number of objects by the specified factors, depending on an object's weighting. This makes nodes with a large number of critical objects significantly more effective than nodes with a large number of non-critical objects. The more effective a node is, the further up the optimization sequence it is queued. You can therefore use these multipliers to specify the effect of individual weightings on the optimization sequence.