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  Creating Offline Variants


You can create an offline version of the Roadmap documentation, download it to your laptop and read it offline.

You can thus read documents independently of an SAP system.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path Roadmap Next navigation step Download Next navigation step HTML Version. End of the navigation path

  2. Choose documentation types (for example, Accelerator ) in the dialog box. They are displayed as tabs in the initial screen of your offline version.

  3. Choose the Create Shortcut checkbox.

  4. Confirm the proposed directory, or specify another, in the Directory dialog box.

    Note Note

    2. and 3. are optional. 4. is mandatory.

    End of the note.
  5. Choose Continue to generate the HTML version.


The offline version is saved on your local hard disk. You can now see the contents of the Roadmap in your laptop, independently of your SAP systems.