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Procedure documentationExecuting a Report


The report directory contains predefined reports from SAP and any custom reports you have saved. This topic describes how to execute a report from the report directory. You can also execute ad hoc reports based on reporting templates. For more information, see Executing an Ad Hoc Report.


To compare the configuration of your systems with a user-defined target configuration, create a target system. For more information, see Creating a Target System.

To report on several systems at once, create a comparison list. For more information, see Creating a Comparison List.


  1. In the Root Cause Analysis work center, choose Configuration Validation.

  2. On the Report Execution tab, choose Report Directory.

  3. Select the report you want to execute.

    The report parameters are displayed below the report directory.

    Note Note

    For more information about the report, choose (Display Detailed Information on Report).

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  4. If applicable, choose a reference system. The reference system can be a real system or a virtual target system. You can also select specific configuration stores within the reference system to compare.

  5. Choose the comparison systems. You can select individual systems or a comparison list (if applicable).

    Note Note

    Some types of reports dynamically generate a target system containing the relevant data (for example, modifiable transport requests in the development system) based on your current system selection. In this case, the name of the generated target system is displayed.

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  6. If desired, specify additional settings such as a date range for transports, startup options, and filter values for compliance.

  7. Execute the report.


The report is executed. If desired, you can use the BW navigational options to change the layout by adding or removing columns. You can copy the URL of the report variant and save it for later access using the Bookmark view of the Report Execution tab.