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Procedure documentationCheck Connectivity between Solution Manager and Managed Systems


You choose RFC connections between the SAP Solution Manager system and managed systems, which you have already generated. You specify how and when to check the connections.

The RFC connections selected for each destination type are listed.

You can also check logon for some RFC connections between ABAP destinations (TRUSTED, READ) . If the connection and logon checks are passed, the system checks consistency with the Solution Manager System Landscape.


  1. Choose one of the following destination types:

    • ABAP destinations

    • HTTP destinations in ABAP systems

    • TCP/IP destinations

  2. Select Add Destination.

  3. Choose the managed system for which you want to check the status of the RFC connection to the SAP Solution Manager system.

    When you have confirmed your entries, the RFC destination is listed. For ABAP and HTTP destinations, you get further attributes, such as logon type, and target system and client, for each RFC connection. The system ID of the target system is displayed after the first successful connection check.

  4. (only for ABAP destinations) Specify whether a logon check is also to be performed in the target system.

    Note Note

    If the connection check is passed, the system performs a logon check for RFC connections of type TRUSTED or READ. Authorization for the target system, in the transaction SM59, is checked. In a TRUSTED connection, the target (trusting) sytem must know the current user. In a READ connection, the target system must know the user and password saved for the connection.

    Depending on the configuration of the RFC connection, the logon check is performed in the background, or in a logon screen, which contains the current user by default.

    End of the note.
  5. Specify how you want to check the connections. This can be:

    • Daily or hourly check

      The connection is checked by a background job.

    • Manual check

      You check the connections manually in the results view.

  6. Choose Save, to copy your settings for the next connection check, into the results view.

Choose Reset, to retrieve your last saved settings. To stop connectivity monitoring for a selected RFC destination, select the RFC destination in the list, and choose Remove Destination.


You have made the settings required to check the connectivity of selected RFC connections. The results view contains the current connection status. For more information, see: Connectivity Monitoring.