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Function documentationAlert Configuration


To configure alerts, you can:

  • Calculate threshold values for generating alerts for EEMon scripts or EEMon robots.

    Example Example

    Change the alert generation threshold if, for example, the response times in the Alert Inbox of hosts abroad, in normal processing, is longer than expected, so that alerts are still generated, despite normal performance.

    End of the example.
  • You specify, for EEMon scripts or EEMon robots, the alert types to be generated (for example, only performance alerts or only availability alerts), and activate or deactivate alerting in this way.

  • You specify the conditions under which the notifications are generated, globally or for individual EEMon scripts. To configure alert notifications, you can:

    • Generate support messages for alerts automatically

    • Use recipient lists to specify who is to be notified about alerts by e-mail or SMS

    • Specify under which conditions alerts are to be generated