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Procedure documentationDeleting TBOMs Not Assigned to Business Processes from the Database


TBOMs require considerable database capacity. To optimize database performance, you identify and then delete TBOMs to which objects of the business process hierarchy are no longer assigned. To do so, you schedule the TBOM reference check to run daily as a background job.

If you delete node or objects from the business process hierarchy, for example, the TBOM reference check identifies the TBOMs that were assigned to the deleted objects. TBOMs for which a reference no longer exists are deleted from the database.

The assignments for TBOMs to the business process hierarchy are defined in two assignment tables. If an entry is deleted from one of the two tables (due to an application error, for example), the TBOM reference check automatically attempts to resolve the error by copying and adding the missing entry from the other assignment table.

If you have deleted entries from the business process hierarchy and do not want to wait until the background job is executed, you can start the TBOM reference check ad hoc in the TBOM Utilities view.


You can:

  • Execute the TBOM reference check ad hoc.

    1. In the Test Management work center, choose the Administration view.

    2. Choose TBOM Utilities.

    3. Choose TBOM Reference Check.

    4. To simulate the TBOM reference check, ensure that the Update Database field is not selected.

    5. To display result logs, ensure that the Print Out Details for Each TBOM and Illustrate Repair Works fields are selected.

    6. Optional: To ensure that the TBOM reference check repairs assignments, select Always Update Unmanaged TBOMs.

    7. Choose Execute.

      The assignment tables are checked and an evaluation of the results for the TBOM reference check is displayed.

    8. To delete TBOMs without references from the database, select Update Database.

    9. Choose Execute.

  • Schedule job AGS_BPCA_TBOM_REFERENCE_CHECK to run daily.

    You define the background job for the TBOM reference check in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under Start of the navigation path Capabilities Next navigation step Business Process Change Analyzer Next navigation step Schedule Check Jobs for TBOM End of the navigation path.