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Process documentationCompare and Adjust Structure Contents by Lifecycle Phase


In the context of application management, this function allows you to identify changes and adjustments to structure nodes (processes, process steps, configuration structure nodes, and interface nodes) and to assigned business content in the individual phases of the lifecycle, and to compare different values.

After you have copied the business content (such as documentation, IMG objects, BC sets) into your project from the Business Process Repository or from a template, the business content or structures are changed. To identify and integrate possible changes and improvements, you can perform a comparison for the current version of structure objects in any phase of the lifecycle. This would become necessary, for example, if a new version of the originally-copied BPR object has become available, or an error has been corrected in a template (rollout function), or if you want to reset the changes made to a solution back to the original template (rollback function).

Essentially, you compare the different versions of a structure node and the business content assigned to each version. The following comparison options are available:

  • Compare with predecessor versions along the lifecycle

    You compare the current structure nodes and use either the immediate predecessor version or another predecessor version from earlier in the lifecycle as the comparison node.

  • Comparison with a successor version

    You compare the current structure node and use one or more direct successor version(s) as the comparison node.

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For more information about the Compare and Adjust function, see the SAP Support Portal at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Knowledge Transfer Next navigation step How-to Documents Next navigation step Compare & Adjust in SAP Solution Manager ALM End of the navigation path (document title: Compare & Adjust. How to Guide for Compare & Adjust in SAP Solution Manager Application Lifecycle Management).

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  1. In the relevant phase of the lifecycle, you structure your processes by adjusting the project or solution structure and changing the business content assignments. To copy structure elements to your project or your solution, you have used one of the following sources:

    • The Business Process Repository of business processes and scenarios delivered by SAP

    • Template

    • Another project or solution structure using the input help on the Structure tab page

    • An entire project, using the Copy function in the Project Administration

    • A project or a solution that you have copied in the Implementation/Upgrade work center

  2. You can use transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE to schedule a background job.

    Select a current project or a current solution and specify the comparison parameters. For further information, see Comparison Options.

    You can also copy the attributes of comparison nodes from a predecessor version into the current version. Select the users for which you want to activate the compare mode.

  3. The system creates a log, which you can see in transaction SM37. The log displays errors that occurred during the comparison run, and specifies the number of detected differences.

    You can also schedule a regular background job for your project or your solution with the same comparison parameters. For more information, see Determining Structure Changes.

  4. With active compare mode, changed structure nodes and the associated changes on the tab pages are identified by icons in Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01), in the Configuration (transaction SOLAR02), and in the Solution Directory (transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY). Use the search function to work though the change icons successively.

    Note Note

    To hide the change icons, deactivate compare mode in your user settings.

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  5. Choose a changed structure node and navigate to a tab page on which changes are displayed. To compare the assignments of the business content on this tab page between the current and the comparison version, and to copy changes to the current version, if appropriate, choose Compare and Adjust,

    For further information, see Copy Identified Changes from a Comparison Node.

  6. You can confirm the current status so that no icons are displayed any more by choosing Apply Changes on Tab Page. You can do this regardless of whether you have copied changes to the current version of your project or solution. This documents that you are satisfied with the current status and no longer want to be told about the currently-displayed changes to the current version, because you have either copied or consciously ignored them.

Compare and Adjust in Push Mode

The Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function distributes the changes in a project or template, in a background job, to several projects at the same time (Push mode). It is useful if you have based several projects (for example implementation projects) on one template project, and then want to change this project, or a template in it. The transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE would need to adjust all projects to a changed project or template, one after the other. The Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function (transaction code SA_PUSH_COMPARE; program SC_PROJECT_UPGRADE_PUSH) adjusts all projects in one background job.