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Procedure documentationMonitoring System Types


This procedure provides an overview on the health of BI landscape.


  1. In the Technical Monitoring work center, choose BI Monitoring.

  2. In the Detailed Selection screen area, select a query.

    Group scenarios using queries, for faster access.

  3. Select the scenario.

  4. Choose BI Overview.

  5. Select a location to display the monitored data.

    A graphical view of the monitored data is displayed by default.

  6. In the BI Overview – <scenario name> tab page, do one of the following:

    • In the graphical view, click the system type.

      For example, click BO Web Application Systems. The status of technical systems is displayed.

    • In the tabular view, expand the system type.

      For example, expand BO Web Application Systems.

  7. To analyze the status of the technical system, go to System Monitoring.

  8. To view the alerts raised for the system, go to the Alert Inbox.

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