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You specify the status and assign systems for messages, centrally for the Test Workbench, with the Central Settings function (transaction STWB_SET). You create message templates and assign test cases with unknown components to the Test Repository.



You have selected Test Test Workbench Test Organizer Central Settings (transaction STWB_SET) in the SAP menu.

You go to the Test Workbench central settings initial screen.


Define status


The status definition table is not yet filled at delivery time. If the status assignment accesses this table and it is still empty, the SAP standard status is automatically assigned.

The statuses CATT_CANC, CATT_FAIL, CATT_PASS, PLANNED and NOT_TESTED are created automatically by the system. You can only change the name of these statuses. If you delete them, the system creates them again.


      You can change, delete and supplement the SAP standard status.

The status fields have the following meaning:

       Status: Technical name of the status

       Status Name: Descriptive text for the status, this is then visible, for example, in the status analysis of a test performed in the Test Workbench.

       Rating: The status is categorized as successful, unsuccessful or untested. This value is used in status analyses.

       Sort Field: Specifies the sequence in which the status appears in F4 help.

       Not Selectable: Removes status from value help when assigning a test status.

      To change the status name in other languages, select the status and choose Goto Translation. For further information, see the Maintain language-dependent texts documentation.

Office System

you can specify a mail system to which Test Workbench test objects send messages to the people responsible for them.


      Local: Local: Your local SAP mail system is used.

      Remote: Specify the mail system to which test objects send messages via a remote link.


Test plan attribute which can be used as a filter in the status info system.


The profile collects the test case weighting and test plan consistency settings. To be able to use the profile, assign it to a test plan.

Test case weighting 

You can weight test cases differently in the test plan.

Test plan consistency

The test plan consistency finds inconsistencies between the status of messages and the status of test cases in the test plan. For more information, see Test plan consistency.


      Message system: The SAP system in which you create and process messages.

      Message template: Create a new template or assign an existing one, to standardize the messages for your tests systemwide.

Test Repository

To be able to also process test cases which are assigned to no component, or to a component which is not in the system, in the Test Repository, assign the test cases to the Test Repository.


You can save your test notes in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse or in SAPscript. If you save your test notes in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse, you can put your test documents (test case descriptions in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse) in the test note automatically.


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