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 Display Last Comparison


The Customizing Scout has already compared customizing in the SAP R/3 with another system. You want to display the last comparison for this system. You can now either use the Customizing Scout with the authorizations as they are delivered in the SAP Solution Manager roles, or you have the authorizations described as prerequisites under Customizing Scout .


  1. To start the Customizing Scout:

    • Enter the transaction SCOUT .

    • Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Customizing Next navigation step Distribution Next navigation step Customizing Scout End of the navigation path in the SAP menu .

      The system displays the Customizing Scout initial screen.

  2. Choose a system landscape and one or more system roles.

    You can choose a project in the SAP Solution Manager from the possible entries help. The system then uses the project system landscape for the comparison.

  3. Choose Display Selection .

    The system checks your authorization for the selected systems. The system shows you a list of all logical systems which belong to your selected system landscape or to your transport domain.

  4. Double-click on a logical system.

    The system displays the last comparisons with the source systems (if available) in the table below.

  5. Choose Display Comparison Result .

    Note Note

    You can also start processing the last comparison result by double-click on the target system.

    End of the note.


A list of compared objects is displayed.

Both the processing status and the comparison status, and the comparison result for each object are displayed in this list. You can now compare one or more objects in the list or change the processing status of the objects.

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