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Procedure documentationChecking the Script Execution


Ensure that your custom scripts can be executed on the managed system.


  • On the managed system, you have stored your custom scripts in the custom_scripts folder.

  • In the SAP Solution Manager agent administration, you have adapted the commands.xml configuration file.

  • You have the required authorization.


  1. In the Root Cause Analysis work center, choose Host Analysis.

  2. Select the host on which the managed system is installed.

  3. Choose OS Command Console.

    You go to the OS Command Console dialog box.

  4. Under System, select the managed system.

  5. In the Group field, select Custom Scripts.

  6. In the Command field, select the script you want to execute. The names of the commands you can select from, correspond to the scripts stored in the custom_scripts folder.

  7. Choose Send Command.

    Under Result, the execution log is displayed.

  8. Verify the output generated by the script execution.