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Procedure documentationRecord TBOM During Manual Test


Test cases are often performed after implementing changes. As the existing TBOMs may no longer be up-to-date after implementing changes, it is useful to combine the creation of TBOMs with the performance of the test cases.


  • The user parameter AGS_BPCA_TB_FR_TWKL has the value X for your user.

  • You have created a Business Process Hierarchy.

  • You have assigned an executable entity to the relevant node, in the Transactions tab.

  • You have created a manual test case.

  • You have assigned the manual test case to the same node, in the Test Cases tab, and specified the executable entity as test object.

  • You have created a test plan or package for the project or solution. The manual test case is in this test plan or package.

  • You are assigned to the test package, as tester.


  1. In the Test Management work center, choose the Tester Worklist view.

  2. Choose the test package containing the manual test case.

  3. Choose Perform Test.

    You go to the Testing screen.

  4. Expand the structure down to the test case to be performed.

  5. Click on the name of the associated executable entity, in the Test Object column.

    A dialog appears, in which you can enter TBOM creation options.

  6. Specify whether you want to record a TBOM during the test. Depending upon whether there is already a TBOM, and its status, you can either create a new TBOM, extend an existing one, or re-record an existing one. If there is already a TBOM for the executable entity, you can see its contents with Open TBOM.

  7. If you have selected an option which records a TBOM, specify a name for it.

  8. Confirm your entries.

    The system starts the test object, and records the TBOM at the same time. For more information about recording TBOMs, see Record TBOM.


You have performed the manual test case, and recorded a TBOM at the same time.