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Function documentationSupport Tool: LMDB Administration


Caution Caution

Landscape Management Database (LMDB) Administration is an expert tool, mainly used by system support staff.

Do not make changes about which you are not completely sure.

End of the caution.

LMDB Administration provides the following functionality:

  • Display the performance and configuration status overview of the LMDB to analyze errors in the LMDB infrastructure.

  • Search for information in the LMDB by various search criteria. SAP support has faster access to LMDB data to analyze errors in the LMDB content.

  • Display CIM instance information to determine the amount of data in the LMDB.

  • Expert function to edit CIM instances and delete technical systems.


You can start LMDB Administration in the following ways:

  • In the SAP Solution Manager: Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) choose Start of the navigation path Related Links Next navigation step Solution Manager Administration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step LMDB Administration End of the navigation path.

  • Start transaction LMDB_ADM.