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Procedure documentationResetting a Q-Gate


The quality manager (QM) and quality advisory board (QAB) can reset a Q-Gate to the Initial status by choosing the Reset status if the circumstances require it. The previous status is logged in the Q-Gate status change log. If the reset Q-Gate is used to switch phases, QGM reverts to the previous phase.

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Only the last Q-Gate with the status Passed can be reset.

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To reset a Q-Gate, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Quality Gates tab page, select the Q-Gate you want to reset by choosing Quality Gate Details.

  2. The system displays the quality gate dialog box for this quality gate.

  3. Choose the Reset entry of the status dropdown list.

    After the first processor has reset the status, the Q-Gate is in process. This means that imports in systems after this Q-Gate are no longer possible. Once the second processor has also reset the status, it is initial.


After saving the Q-Gate data, both statuses of this Q-Gate will be initial.

Note Note

If the Q-Gate is a standard Q-Gate, the phase of the project is rolled back to the previous phase as well. If the phase shift fails, the phase shift can be repeated after fixing the problem by choosing Restart Phase Shift in the Q-Gate Details popup.

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