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Procedure documentationTutorial Part 4: Creating the BW Query


This tutorial is part of a course that explains the creation and registration of apps for the Dashboard Framework. In this fourth part, you extend the app from part 3 with the possibility of displaying different metrics, depending on the configuration.

In this step, you create a BW query that is responsible for providing values to the app. Based on test data, the query is to output telephone costs, and the number and duration of calls of the branches of a fictitious company for a selected month. The query returns all these metrics, but only the metric specified in the config app is displayed in the user interface of the app.


This procedure is part of a comprehensive tutorial on the topic Creating and Registering Dashboard Apps. During this tutorial, you create and register a number of apps and their associated BW queries.

You create this BW query in the fourth part of the tutorial.

Note Note

Ensure that you have already performed the previous steps, as described in Tutorial Part 4: Creating a Complex App with a Config App.

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To create the BW query, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the BEx Query Designer, and enter the BW system or the BW client that is assigned to your SAP Solution Manager system.

  2. Activate the display of the technical names by choosing the (Technical Names) button.

  3. Use the BW query from the first part of the tutorial as a template. Therefore, load the query with the technical name ZTUT1_COSTS_MONTH.

  4. In the BW query, until now only the costs (0CCM_COST) have been displayed in the Columns. Display two additional key figures by dragging the call duration (0SMD_PERI) and the number of calls (0CCM_CNT) from the repository to the Columns subscreen.

    Note Note

    Note that the sequence of the columns here does not match the sequence of the columns in the Xcelsius user interface. The correct sequence is Start of the navigation path 0CCM_COST Next navigation step 0SMD_PERI Next navigation step 0CCM_CNT End of the navigation path.

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  5. Save the changed query with the technical name ZTUT4_METRICS_MONTH and the description Display Selected Metrics.


You have created the BW query to supply data for the app. When registering the app in the Dashboard Framework (see Tutorial Part 4: Registering the App and the Config App), you will specify this query.

Note Note

If you create your own queries, check whether it displays the expected behavior before registering the app. You can use the transaction RSRT (Query Monitor) to do this.

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