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Function documentationAnalyzing Task Lists


At any time, you can display the task lists that belong to your projects and urgent changes (including additional information). In addition, there are various options available for analyzing projects or urgent changes.


You have generated a task list for a project.


On the Scheduling Monitoring tab page, you can display the following information for the task lists of your projects:

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Use the F1 help for each column to get a detailed explanation for the status.

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  • Status of performed tasks

  • Statuses of open tasks

  • Statuses of required tasks

  • The other columns in this list contain information on, for example, the user who set the last status, when the task list was generated and last activated, when it was completed, and which tool generated the task list (Change Request Management or IT Service Management)

  • Transport requests belonging to a task list, including the following information:

    • Name and status of the transport request in the source system

    • Transport request type

    • System in which the request was created

    You can navigate to the task list and to the transport log of the selected transport request or to the transport logs of all transport requests of the task list.


  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST.

  2. Select the relevant project type tab page.

    The system displays a list of the task lists that have been activated. (To display task lists that have other statuses, choose Status and select the corresponding status(es).)

  3. To display detailed information on individual tasks in a task list, double-click on a task list.

    The system displays the task list with today's overview.

  4. If you want to see the daily overview of another date, click the date in the calendar panel and choose Monitor Daily Overview.

  5. For more details, select the task you want to view by double-clicking it.

    The system displays attributes of your tasks (detailed scheduling information, parameter and selection options, and the application log entries generated by the task execution). You can also navigate to additional information such as spool lists, the job log, and the contents of the variant, if applicable.

  6. To display information on transports belonging to a task list, select a task list on the Scheduling Monitoring tab page and choose Transport Requests/Tracking.

    The system displays all transport requests for the task list.