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Procedure documentationPhase Switch for Projects Enabled for Change Request Management


If both Change Request Management and QGM are enabled for a project, for each phase switch triggered in Change Request Management, the systems checks in QGM whether the corresponding Q-Gate has been passed. However, based on the standard behavior for the phase shifts, they are triggered automatically both for QGM and Change Request Management, when a Q-Gate has been passed in QGM.

The Deploy To Scope Q-Gate is special case, as a maintenance cycle switch has to be performed. The maintenance cycle switch for Change Request Management and QGM—enabled projects works as follows:

  • If Change Request Management is enabled for a project, the Deploy To Scope Q-Gate can only be approved (overall status set to Passed) if the Completed phase was passed in Change Request Management and the Change Request Management maintenance cycle was closed. The new maintenance cycle then starts with the Scope phase (in quality gate management) and with the Development w/o Release phase in Change Request Management.

  • You can only create a new maintenance cycle in Change Request Management, if the Deploy To Scope Q-Gate has been passed and the QGM phase is switched successfully to the Scope phase.


The overall status of the preliminary Q-Gates of Deploy To Scope phase has been set to Passed.


Proceed as follows, to perform a maintenance cycle switch:

  1. While the project is in the Deploy phase in QGM, in Change Request Management, close the current maintenance cycle (which also closes the task list).

  2. In QGM the Deploy-to-Scope Q-Gate can now be approved, and the phase switched to the new QGM maintenance cycle and the Scope phase.

  3. Create a new maintenance cycle and task list, manually, in Change Request Management, by calling transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN. Select the QGM and Change Request Management project. Then switch to the System Landscape tab and choose Start of the navigation path Change Management Next navigation step Create Task List End of the navigation path, to generate a new task list.

  4. Return to the QGM screen and shift a phase in QGM. The system should now be enabled to shift a phase in QGM.

Note Note

To see the maintenance cycles for the project, choose Show All Maintenance Cycles in the Quality Gates tab.

End of the note.