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Procedure documentationChecking the Quality Gate Configuration


Before you work with quality gates, it is recommendable to ensure that the configuration check works correctly. This task is carried out in the backend system.


  1. In the backend system, call transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.

  2. Find your project in the list and open it.

  3. Choose the System Landscape tab, and then choose the Change Management tab.

  4. Choose the QGM Configuration Check pushbutton to start the configuration check.

  5. By clicking on a line in the upper screen section, the checking details are displayed for this line in the lower screen section. The system checks the project for correct configuration in the following areas:

    • General configuration

    • Project system overview

    • Project consistency

  6. Now you must check the configuration results. The configuration check outputs a list of items that must all be green. If there is an error, call the long text of each error and follow the instructions for correcting it.


Your project is correctly configured and ready for use with quality gate management.