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 Status, Keywords, Documentation Types and Tabs


Standard values for status, keywords, documentation types and tabs for your project, are all set in the same way in the project administration transaction. If no values have yet been assigned to a project, the project administrator can use the project template, which contains project-independent status values, keywords, documentation types and tab settings.

The values in the project template are available to all projects of a project type. The project administrator decides which values should be used and assigns values to the project from the project template.

A project template, which already contains values, is assigned to each project type. You can adapt the project template to your project requirements. You go to the templates for the project types, in the Project Administration , with Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Project Template End of the navigation path .


The values specified in the Project Standards tab are the default values in the following tabs, in the Project Administration, Roadmap, Business Blueprint and Configuration:

  • Project Administration:

    • General Data (status values)

  • Business Blueprint, Configuration, Roadmap

    • Proj. Documentation (documentation types, keywords and status values)

  • Business Blueprint and Configuration

    • Administration (status values and keywords)

    • only for template projects: General Documentation (documentation type, keywords and status values)

  • Configuration

    • Development (status values)

    • Configuration (status values)

  • Roadmap

    • Keywords (status values)


The project member responsible for creating and changing status values, keywords and documentation types must have the corresponding project role and the S _PROJECTS authorization.

You are in the Project Administration transaction in change mode.


You can access the following subtabs on the Project Standards tab:

  • Status Values

  • Keywords

  • Documentation Types

  • Tab pages

Status Valuestab

Status values provide you with information on the status of your project. Status values consist of a ten-character status ID and a description of the status. Status IDs should be meaningful.

The following status values are delivered:

Delivered status values








In progress




No more changes can be made in the Administration tab


Not relevant


All new values appear in the Unused Status Values list and can be assigned to the project. You can search for status values in the Project Analysis .


You can define keywords for your project, which you can search for later in the Project Analysis . Keywords should be concise.

The keywords are proposals for classifying documents in the Business Blueprint , Configuration and the Solution Directory (< Start of the navigation path tab> Next navigation step Attributespushbutton Next navigation step Attributestab Next navigation step Classification End of the navigation path ).

Documentation Typestab

You can document the implementation and creation of templates in all types of projects, with various documentation types. You can use the various documentation types delivered by SAP as templates to structure your project documentation. You can also create your own documentation types for:

  • Minutes or decisions

  • Business Blueprints

  • Problem or error messages

Each documentation type has a unique ID. There are two documentation type attributes:

  • Project-specific documentation

    This documentation type is only valid in the project to which it is assigned.

  • Cross-project documentation

    This documentation type has the Global flag. It is available for all projects and appears automatically in the Project Documentation Types list on the Documentation Types tab.

You can create project documentation templates for each documentation type. Proceed as described in Editing Document Templates .


In the Tabs tab, you can specify the following for a project:

  • You can show ( Visible ) or hide ( Invisible ) tabs separately for the transactions Business Blueprint and Configuration .

  • You can activate ( Active ) or deactivate ( Inactive ) tab change history recording for the transactions Business Blueprint and Configuration together.

    You can display the change history in the tab, with the History pushbutton.

Dependencies between theComponent ViewandBPMN Graphictabs

The system can only display one of the two tabs at a time. If one of the two tabs is visible, and you show the other, the system tells you that the previous tab will be hidden.

The information in the BPMN Graphic (BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation) tab is display only. To copy the data from the BPMN Graphic within projects, you need the project role and authorization /SOCO/FABRIC_USER.

For more information about Business Process Modeling, see the Business Process Blueprinting documentation.