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Procedure documentationSpecifying Test Scope or Time Resources


The test scope is the proportion of the objects which are in at least one tested node of the business process hierarchy. The time resource depends on the test cases which you have put at the nodes. The higher the coverage, the higher the time required, although you can often achieve nearly complete coverage (e.g. 95 %) with significantly less effort (e.g. half of the total effort).

The Test Scope Definition display area shows a bar chart of the currently-selected test coverage, and the associated time required, divided by manual and automated test cases. The markings in the bar chart indicate the coverage and time required values which you can achieve by testing individual nodes. As the system only counts the total number of all objects and test cases at a node, only certain coverage and time required values are possible.


You have specified the time required for your test cases. You have either entered the time required directly in each test case, or entered default time resources for the various test case types, under Administration.


  1. Enter the required value in the Value field next to the bar.

    Or you can click directly on the bar.

  2. Confirm the entry with Enter.

    The system calculates the next-highest test coverage, and its required time. The bar chart is automatically updated. The test scope is indicated in the diagram under Graphical View by a light green background.

    Note Note

    If you do not achieve a test coverage of 100%, there are object in nodes without allocated test cases, or you have excluded test cases via the test case options, so that it is no longer possible to test all the changed objects in a node. The system does not initially include these nodes in the optimization, queuing them in the optimization sequence at the end of the optimization area. You can include these nodes in optimization as follows:

    • Assign test cases to the nodes.

    • Change the test case options so that the system can take other test cases into account.

    • Put the transactions to be tested, in the test plan, as follows.

      1. Show the Test Plan Generation Options.

      2. Select the Include transactions without test cases check box.

      3. Choose Apply and Save.

      The objects at the nodes without test cases are also considered to be testable, and are also optimized by the system. When you generate a test case, the system includes the transaction in the test plan. You can start the transaction from the test plan.

    End of the note.