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Function documentationAdvanced Remote Service Delivery for SAP Support


Advanced remote service delivery for SAP support allows you to execute standard SAP support service sessions in SAP Solution Manager, automatically or semi-automatically.

In semi-automatic service sessions you perform a guided procedure-based preparation step to provide technical information directly in your SAP Solution Manager system. System-relevant information is retrieved automatically, a Microsoft Word-based questionnaire is not required.

For more information about the alert-based services and session types which can currently be executed in the advanced remote service delivery for SAP support framework, see SAP Note 1793264Information published on SAP site.


  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP 05 or higher (fully automated and semi-automatic services)

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP 27 or higher and 7.1 SP 2 or higher (only automatic services)


  • Short booking/(re)scheduling horizon

    You can order alert-based services on short notice. A session can be delivered in the same week if all prerequisites are fulfilled.

  • Automatic SAP support

    To guarantee high service quality and help you to solve possible issues and findings, the SAP support checks the service results immediately if they contain a critical issue (alert).

  • Semi-automated services include the following features:

    • Single source of information

      In a guided procedure in your SAP Solution Manager system, you provide the data required for the analyses service session and for a sizing estimate. The system landscape information is derived automatically. This guarantees the completeness of data, which is stored in a single source of information. The guided preparation steps for the analysis session replace questionnaire documents, information need not be exchanged via e-mail.

    • Automated preparation steps

      A number of preparation steps are performed automatically. For example, the system checks the connections to SAP Solution Manager or the managed systems, or the ST-PI version. Alerts are created accordingly. If red alerts occur, solve the underlying issues, to ensure service delivery readiness, and allow the SAP support service sessions to be performed.

    • Automatic start of service sessions

      Alert-based service sessions start automatically when the required data has been collected. You do not need to open a remote connection and agree on a time with the SAP service engineer. Your preparation time is minimized.

  • Multiple verification sessions (fully automated services)

    You can request SAP GoingLive Checks for each phase of you project (phased go-lives). You can, for example, add user volumes or regions step by step, not at once.

    You can schedule multiple alert-based verification sessions to verify the system behavior under productive load, and get recommendations about how to optimize stability and performance. For example, if you perform a phased go-live, you can have a new verification session after each go-live phase.


To enable SAP to deliver a service in the advanced remote service delivery for SAP support framework, you perform the following activities:

  • Ensure that automated preparation steps can be performed:

    • Assigning the account contact: When you request the service at SAP, you inform your SAP contact person about the contact person responsible for preparing the service on your side. While booking the service, your SAP contact person enters the contact data in the service plan. The account contact is helped to prepare the service. In case of issues, questions about the information entered, or about the status of the preparation, the account contact is contacted by SAP.

    • Activating the e-mail function in SAP Solution Manager: The system generates an e-mail, addressed to the account contact, informing the account contact that a semi-automatic service is to be prepared. You can define one or more recipients to receive a service session report preview as HTML version via e-mail For both features the e-mail function must be activated.

    • Defining the recipient of the service session report: You can enter the e-mail address of the person who is to receive an HTML version of the service report.

    • Ensuring the Service Delivery Readiness: Ensure that automatic alert-based preparation can be performed in your production systems.

    • Sending alerts to SAP: Ensure that alerts generated during the preparation are sent to SAP.

  • Preparing a service session: In semi-automated service sessions, the account contact gets a link to a guided procedure, via e-mail. The account contact provides SAP with data required for the analysis service session. When this preparation is completed, the service session starts automatically.

  • Downloading the service session report: To check and document the results of the service session, you can download the service session report.