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Procedure documentationDisplaying and Rebooting Agents


The Agent Administration offers the following options:

  • Display all connected diagnostics agents and their statuses when you set up a new managed system and want to verify that a diagnostics agent is correctly assigned to the managed system

  • Identify and reboot diagnostics agents that are offline, for example if connection failures have occurred.

Example Example

When you set up a new managed system, you have to assign a diagnostics agent to the system. To verify if the diagnostics agent is running, you display the diagnostics agents and check their status.

End of the example.


  • You have started the Agent Administration. For more information, see Starting the Agent Administration.

  • You have authorization for the host system.

  • On the Agents tab page, you have chosen the context menu icon of the diagnostics agent.


  • To identify diagnostics agents that are offline, choose Show offline agents.

    Diagnostics agents that are offline are marked gray.

  • To display the diagnostics agent log file and identify the possible reason why a diagnostics agent is offline, choose the Full Host Name.

  • To reboot diagnostics agent, do the following:

    • If the diagnostics agent is online, choose Reboot Agent.

    • If the diagnostics agent is offline and cannot be rebooted, choose Start of the navigation path SAP Management Console Next navigation step Restart Agent Process End of the navigation path.

      Note Note

      To restart a diagnostics agent, operating system authorization is required.

      End of the note.
  • To display the time when diagnostics agents were last online, choose More Details.