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Procedure documentationManaging System Roles for Logical Components


When you assign a technical system to a logical component, you define the role of the technical system in the logical component. The following system roles are predefined by SAP:

System Role


Evaluation System

Business Blueprint

Development System

Configuration, upgrade

Quality Assurance System


Production System

Leading system role in operational processing for system and business process monitoring. EarlyWatch alerts are supported for all system roles.

Training System


Demo System


Reference System


In addition to the predefined SAP system roles, you can define up to ten of your own system roles.

Creating and changing system roles

Choose Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers Next navigation step Solution Manager Administration Next navigation step Landscape End of the navigation path Logical Components.

You can also start transaction LMDB directly and choose the Logical Components tab.

Select a logical component and choose Start of the navigation path Assigned Systems Next navigation step Maintain Roles End of the navigation path.

Deleting system roles

Predefined SAP system roles cannot be changed or deleted.

User-defined system roles that are used in the system landscape cannot be deleted but you can change their names.

Transporting system roles

Choose Transport to transport customized system roles to other systems.