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Object documentationBatch Input Analysis Result List


The Batch Input Analysis Result List provides information about the batch input programs that may be affected by an upgrade.


The Batch Input Analysis Result List contains the following columns:




System ID


Name of the BDC_Program that refers to the customer program that calls the standard batch input function modules


ABAP program name (this is the standard SAP program that is called within the customer batch input program)


Screen called within the BDC program (the screen of the standard SAP Program that is called within the custom Batch input program)

Field name

Screen field name (screen field within the screen above)


Screen field discontinued in the upgraded System


The object does not exist in one of the systems


Screen field newly added in the upgraded system


Screen field format has changed in the upgraded system


Screen field user conversion routine has changed


Screen field length changed in the upgraded system


Shows the severity of the impact by a red or yellow light

The Reason button describes the severities.

To view the single cell values for each row in a separate window, choose Details.

You can use the filter options to identify particular objects, for example objects that have a red severity.

There are features for processing the list. You can:

  • Sort the list.

  • Link to an empty Excel

  • Download the list to Excel

  • Download the list as an unconverted file, spreadsheet, rich text format, HTML format

  • Send a mail

  • Change the layout

  • Choose Information to view the number of records passed.