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  Create Roadmap

  1. Choose the transaction Roadmap Repository (RMDEF).

  2. To create a Roadmap:

    • To create a new Roadmap, choose the folder Roadmaps in the overview tree at the left-hand side, and choose Create from the context menu.

    • To copy an existing Roadmap, choose Start of the navigation path Roadmaps Next navigation step < Roadmap to be copied End of the navigation path > in the overview tree at the left-hand side and choose Copy from the context menu.

      Recommendation Recommendation

      You should base your own Roadmap on a copy of an existing Roadmap. You cannot change Roadmaps which were delivered by SAP.

      End of the recommendation.
  3. To assign attributes to the Roadmap, choose the pushbutton Add Entry in the right-hand side of the Variants , Roles , Subject Areas tab.