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Procedure documentationDisplaying the Results of Obsolescence Checks


This procedure outlines how you check objects that had the TBOM status Out-of-Date during the last obsolescence check.


The TBOM has the status Out-of-Date.


  1. Open the attributes of the executable entity whose TBOM is out of date.

  2. Choose the TBOM tab.

  3. Choose the Show Reason for Status 'Out-of-Date' icon.

    You can also click the Out-of-Date status in the Enhancements dialog box.

    The changed objects that led to the Out-of-Date status are displayed in a separate window. The display has the same layout as the TBOM content display.

    Note Note

    During the obsolescence check, the system sets the status to Out-of-Date as soon as it finds an object in a transport request that is also in the TBOM. The system then terminates the search since it has already identified and marked the TBOM as out of date. For performance reasons, no further transport requests are checked. The objects displayed here are therefore always from just one transport request.

    The out-of-date TBOM may also contain other changed objects that are not displayed here.

    End of the note.