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Background documentationPrerequisites


Maintenance Optimizer contains numerous maintenance transaction scenarios. The scenarios have various prerequisites.

Basic Prerequisites
  1. You have performed the basic configuration of the SAP Solution Manager (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).

    For more information, see SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

  2. You specify S-Users for the SAP Support Portal functions.

    You assign S-Users (SAP Service Marketplace users) to the SAP Solution Manager users (see S-Users in Maintenance Optimizer).

  3. You have fulfilled the following prerequisites in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB):

  4. You have installed the Download Manager locally in your workplace. The Download Manager is in the SAP Software Distribution Center in the SAP Support Portal.

    Note Note

    You can use the Software Lifecycle Manager instead of the Download Manager. For more information, see below.

    End of the note.
  5. You need to be authorized to display security notes. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager End of the navigation path.

    For more information about SAP Notes, see System Recommendations.

  6. SAP Note 1940845Information published on SAP site is implemented. After you have implemented the SAP Note, no configuration is required.

Prerequisites for Automatic Calculation of Maintenance Files

To calculate the maintenance files automatically, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB):

  1. You have assigned active product versions to the product systems to be maintained.

    • For new product systems: use the Product System Editor.

      In the LMDB product system editor, you have flagged the relevant, installed product instances (and thereby the related product versions) as assigned for the relevant product system. For more information, see Create Product System Information.

    • For existing systems: migrate to LMDB.

  2. In the LMDB technical system editor, you have assigned a message server and database host to each technical system for which a maintenance transaction is to be performed.

  3. You have completed the verification checks in the LMDB product system editor (verification step in the navigation tree). You have solved any detected issues. For more information, see Execute Verification Checks.

  4. You can use the Software Lifecycle Manager instead of the Download Manager. To configure it:

    • Set up an RFC connection

      You need an HTTPS connection for communication between Maintenance Optimizer and Software Lifecycle Manager. More information: SAP Note 1138061Information published on SAP site.

    • Set up a logical port

    • Set up the Software Lifecycle Manager

      You call the Software Lifecycle Manager configuration assistant with the transaction /TMWFLOW/MOPZCFG. You go to the Central Download Directory Assistant with Central Download Directory.

    For further in information, see Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Maintenance Management End of the navigation path.