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Procedure documentationCreating Service Sessions


You can define your own service sessions by specifying the underlying solution and the planned date.


See the prerequisites described under Service Documents.


  1. Under Service Documents, choose Create.

  2. In the Create New Service Session dialog, enter a solution on which to base your new service session. The solution must contain the system in a logical component for which you want to create the service session.

  3. Enter the planned date on which to perform the service.

  4. Enter a description of the service session.

  5. Choose Create.


The service session you just created is displayed in the table, sorted in reverse date order. The table contains the basic information about each service session, for example, the delivery date and solution on which the session is based.

You can choose the link in the Session column to open the guided self-service session in a separate browser window.

To display additional information about a service session, select the session. The technical details are displayed on the Details tab page.