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Function documentationSAP Collaboration


In SAP Collaboration, you work with SAP Support to find solutions for incidents.


You have set up a connection to the SAP Support Portal.


In SAP Collaboration, you can, for example:

  • Specify the SAP component.

  • Enter information for further processing at SAP.

  • Forward an incident to SAP to search for the cause in SAP components, or request SAP support.

  • Monitor the processing status at SAP.

  • As SAP Support, ask an external customer service to answer questions about components.

  • Open a connection from SAP Support to the managed system.

  • Display the processing status at SAP and actions taken so far.

  • Confirm the incident at SAP.

  • For service providers and software partners: Open a connection to the customer via the SAP service architecture.

  • For software partners: Create partner notes from an incident.

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