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Procedure documentationCustomizing Task Log Book and Task Log History


You specify the size of the task log book per task, and the length of the task log history for the CSA session.


  1. In the navigation area, choose Start of the navigation path General Session Customizing Next navigation step Customize Task Log Book and Task Log History End of the navigation path.

  2. On the Define Size of Task Log Book tab, specify the number of entries to be retained by the system in the task log book, per task.

    If the number of entries in the log book exceeds this number, the system automatically deletes the oldest entries.

    Note Note

    For performance reasons, do not set the number of entries too high.

    End of the note.
  3. On the Define Size of Task Log History tab, specify for how many days the system task log should keep its entries.

  4. The system reorganizes the task log history regularly and automatically every time you save this setting.

    To create and analyze the task log history, see Specifying Report Content.

  5. Save your entries.