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Function documentationImminent Check


The system can detect impending (imminent) downgrade conflicts when transport requests are imported. This kind of conflict would become an actual downgrade if you ignored the conflict.


See Downgrade Protection.


  1. When a transport request is imported into the production or quality assurance system, a downgrade check is performed.

  2. The system detects an impending downgrade conflict.

  3. The system displays the check result on the Downgrade Protection assignment block for Change Request Management or in the Downgrade Protection tab for Quality Gate Management.

  4. If you do not ignore the check result, the system cancels the import and logs it.

Note Note

You should not ignore the imminent downgrade conflicts and restart the import. Import the transport requests in the correct order, including the newer request and its predecessor (if the newer request is in the project import).

End of the note.


  1. Following the example in the predecessor check, you ignore the overtaker warning and import DEVK000002 into the quality assurance system.

  2. You try to import UC1 into the quality assurance system. Conflicts are detected and the import is canceled, as this is an imminent downgrade. Reason: Transport request DEVK0000002 modifies the same objects as DEVK0000001 with a newer version, and has already been imported.

  3. You can ignore the conflicts and continue the import. To make the version correct, import the project into the quality assurance system as soon as possible, so that later project imports into the production system will not cause downgrades.