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Function documentationEditing Job Scheduling Change Documents


You want to edit a request to change or create job documentation using Change Request Management.


  • The change manager has approved a request for change based on a job request, and created a change document.

  • The Job Scheduling Management assignment block is configured in the WebClient UI.

  • You have opened the job request in change mode.


You can edit change documents for job scheduling in the Job Scheduling Management assignment block of the WebClient UI.

You can use this assignment block for all change document types.

By default, the system uses the Administrative Change change document for job scheduling.


You find the relevant administrative change in one of the following ways:

  • In the WebClient UI:

    1. Choose Start of the navigation path Change Request Management Next navigation step Change Document End of the navigation path.

    2. Select transaction type SMAD, for example, as the search criterion (for the Administrative Change).

  • In the Job Management work center:

    1. Choose the Job Request view.

      Your personal object worklist (POWL) is displayed. For more information, see Job Requests.

    2. Click an entry in the CRM Document column. The system starts the WebClient UI.

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